Deep relaxing immersion   |   Quality Massage technics  

   Hot stones 

60min/60€ - ​90min/80€

Hot stones all over your body is the ideal choice for deep muscle and mental relaxation.

Traditional Cups  


Our love for traditional holistic methods is best expressed with this unique, ancient Chinese therapeutic practice.

Fire cupping combined with Swedish massage is the ideal choice for muscle relief.

Swedish massage 60min/55€​ - 90min/75€

Mother of all massage techniques. Based on the more rational Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, Swedish massage offers instant body & mind relaxation.

Bamboo massage

60 min/60€ - 90 min/80€​

Asian feeling, with this full body, hot bamboo sticks massage. Gives deep relaxation, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Thai compress massage 
60min/60€ - 90min/80€

Full body massage with hot lavender compresses. Rejuvenates body and mind, and gives a feeling of serenity & relaxation.

Foot massage 
30 min - 30 €

A mix of Swedish knead treatment and reflexology. A perfect choice for resting your feet. Relieves stress and facilitates blood circulation (recommended after a stroll or a long walk).

Back & Neck Massage 
30min - 30€

Swedish massage/kneading on the back and neck. It relieves the pain, helps with headache and insomnia.

Head and face 
20min - 25€

Relieving massage on the head and face. It offers relaxation and a sense of wellness. The ideal choice if you feel like you're one step before burnout (meaning, a state of complete mental, physical and emotional exhaustion, caused by stress).

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